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Title: Sublittoral epibenthic communities around Funchal (Ilha da Madeira, NE Atlantic)
Authors: Bianchi, Carlo Nike
Morri, Carla
Sartoni, Gianfranco
Wirtz, Peter
Keywords: Marine ecology
Epibenthic communities
Epibenthic assemblages
Conspicuous algae
Dominant species
Chthamalus stellatus
Corallina elongata
Cystoseira abies-marina
Zonaria tournefortii
Stypopodium zonale
Diadema antillarum
Heteroconger longissimu
Sargassum filipendula
Volcanic sands
Littoral rock
Funchal City
Madeira Island
Northeastern Atlantic Ocean
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: The main epibenthic communities and their zonation were studied down to about 25 m depth in six sites along the southern coast of the Island of Madeira. Subsequent belts of Chthamalus stellatus, Corallina elongata and Cystoseira abies-marina characterised
ISSN: 0870-3876
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