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Title: Marine algae collection in the Herbarium of the Funchal Natural History Museum (MADM) with new records from the archipelago of Madeira
Authors: Ferreira, Sara J.
Silva, Juan J. Gonçalves
Araújo, Ricardo
Keywords: Algae
Marine algae
Ulva pseudorotundata
Dictyota adnata
Sargassum hystrix
Sargassum platycarpum
Sargassum polyceratium
Gymnophycus hapsiphorus
Ulva polyclada
Sargassum cymosum
Sargassum hystrix
Sargassum polyceratium
Natural History Museum of Funchal
Tore Levring
New records
Madeira Island
Porto Santo Island
Desertas Islands
Salvage Islands
Archipelago of Madeira
Northeast Atlantic Ocean
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The marine algae collection, in the Herbarium of the Funchal Natural History Museum (MADM), contains macroalgae specimens from the archipelago of Madeira, with scientific and historical significance, the bulk of which is a collection of 598 specimens made by Tore Levring between 1968 and 1973. At present the Herbarium holds 967 specimens of marine algae, corresponding to a total of 206 species (39 Chlorophyta, 48 Ochrophyta, 119 Rhodophyta), 6 of which are new records from the archipelago of Madeira (Ulva pseudorotundata, Dictyota adnata, Sargassum hystrix, Sargassum platycarpum, Sargassum polyceratium and Gymnophycus hapsiphorus). Two already recorded species from the Selvagens are now recorded for the first time from the island of Madeira, (Ulva polyclada and Sargassum cymosum). Sargassum hystrix and Sargassum polyceratium are not only new for the archipelago of Madeira, but also new records for the whole Macaronesia.
ISSN: 0870-3876
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