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Title: New findings of phytophagous insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea and Aphidoidea) from Ilhéu Chão (Desertas Islands, Madeira Archipelago)
Authors: Ramos, Cândida
Aguiar, A. M. Franquinho
Silva, Isamberto
Mourão, Ana
Santos, Renata
Rego, Carla
Boieiro, Mário
Keywords: Insecta
Faunistic records
Host plant
Protaphis pseudocardui
Aphis craccivora
Aphis gossypii
Aphis umbrella
Uroleucon sonchi
Coccus cf. hesperidum
Icerya purchasi
Pulvinaria urbicola
Saissetia coffeae
Saissetia oleae
Insect fauna
New records
Ilhéu Chão
Desertas Islands
Archipelago of Madeira
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Here we report new taxonomic findings of aphids (Aphidoidea) and scales (Coccoidea) for Ilhéu Chão (Desertas Islands, Madeira Archipelago). Protaphis pseudocardui (Theobald, 1915) is for the first time reported to Madeira archipelago while the aphids Aphis craccivora, A. gossypii, A. umbrella and Uroleucon sonchi, and the scales Coccus cf. hesperidum, Icerya purchasi, Pulvinaria urbicola, Saissetia coffeae and S. oleae are new findings to the Desertas Islands. We also provide information on the host plant associations of these phytophagous insects. Our results highlight the need for further research on the insect fauna of Desertas Islands.
ISSN: 0870-3876
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