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Title: The publication dates of the parts-issue of Richard Thomas Lowe s A Manual Flora of Madeira (1857-1872), with a publishing history
Authors: Williams, Ray B.
Keywords: Bernard Quaritch
John Van Voorst
Manual Flora of Madeira
Publication dates
Publishing history
Richard Thomas Lowe
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: A Manual Flora of Madeira and the Adjacent Islands of Porto Santo and the Desertas by Richard Thomas Lowe, was published in demy duodecimo parts between 1857 and 1872 by John Van Voorst. It is a classic of careful botanical description, still relevant to modern research on the flora of the Madeiran Archipelago. Because of the inclusion in the work of new taxa and other valuable historical information, it is crucial to date as precisely as possible each of the six parts (publication of which was cut short by Lowe s death in April 1874), and to record the exact contents of each part; the work is not illustrated. The publication dates of the five parts comprising volume I were no later than: 16 November 1857 (pages [i-ii], [i]-xii, [1]-106); 31 January 1862 (pages [107]-262); 30 December 1863 (pages [263]-[378]); 4 February 1868 (pages [379]-522); 31 December 1868 (pages 523-618). Only the first part of volume II was published, no later than 31 March 1872 (pages [1]-[116]). The consolidated volume I was published in December 1868; it was subsequently combined with part I of volume II, which was issued in 1874 or later. Descriptions of the publisher s known cloth-case designs are presented. Comments on the general reception by fellow-botanists and the publishing history of the whole work are also provided. By 1884, Van Voorst had apparently sold the remaining stock to Bernard Quaritch, the London bookseller.
ISSN: 0870-3876
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