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Title: Notes on the Lepidoptera and other noteworthy insects observed on Selvagem Grande Island (Madeira, Portugal)
Authors: Matias, Rafael
Keywords: Insecta
New records
Selvagem Grande Island
Salvage Islands
Archipelago of Madeira
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Bocagiana
Abstract: The insect fauna of the Selvagens Islands (Madeira, Portugal), particularly in what concerns migrant species, is still imperfectly known. According to the literature, at least 166 species have been recorded (including 24 species of Lepidoptera), but several knowledge gaps still exist. A total of 31 endemic insect taxa occur on this archipelago. Between 2006 and 2009, 14 species (and another taxon) of Lepidoptera were recorded on Selvagem Grande of which 8 are new (or have no previously published records) for the Selvagens Islands: Pyrausta sanguinalis (Linnaeus), Uresiphita gilvata (Fabricius), Agrius convolvuli (Linnaeus), Hippotion celerio (Linnaeus), Vanessa atalanta (Linnaeus), Hypena obsitalis (Hübner), Eublemma parva (Hübner), Caradrina clavipalpis (Scopoli); the dragonfly Sympetrum fonscolombii (Selys) is also new for the Selvagens and the cockroach Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus) is confirmed. Observations on other noteworthy insects are also included. The total number of Lepidoptera species known from the Selvagens stands now at 32 and the total number of confirmed insect species at a minimum of 176. Finally, it is discussed that this number may be as high as 214 species, if previously undetermined species in the literature are taken into account.
ISSN: 0523-7904
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