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Title: The drosophilids (Diptera: Drosophilidae) from a Laurisilva patch in Madeira with two new records for this island
Authors: Rego, Carla
Boieiro, M.
Gonçalves, Ysabel
Menezes, D.
Aguin-Pombo, Dora
Capela, Rúben A.
Keywords: Entomology
Drosophila phalerata
Drosophilid fauna
Species inventories
Endemic species
New records
Chão da Ribeira
Madeira Island
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The drosophilid fauna of Madeira consists of 20 species from 6 different genera, including one endemic species, Drosophila madeirensis Monclús, 1984. In spite of several studies on Madeira drosophilids, little is known on the spatial distribution and phenology of most species, particularly of those associated to the native laurel forest. In this study, the drosophilid fauna of a Laurisilva patch was studied over an 18-month period in Chão da Ribeira (Seixal, northern Madeira) using several sampling techniques. As a result of this study, seventeen species were recorded including two new records for Madeira: Drosophila phalerata (Meigen, 1830) and Lordiphosa n. sp., a new unnamed species. The current knowledge of Madeiran drosophlid fauna is also briefly discussed.
ISSN: 0523-7904
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