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Title: Sur quelques psocopteres de Madere avec clé de détermination pour les especes de Trichopsocus Kolbe de la région Paléarctique Occidentale (Insecta: Psocoptera)
Authors: Lienhard, Charles
Keywords: Entomology
Trichopsocus harteni
Trichopsocus coloratus
Cerobasis maderensis
New records
Archipelago of Madeira
Western Palaearctic
Antonius van Harten
Issue Date: 1983
Abstract: The material studied here was collected by A. van Harten in 1981, it contains 13 species of Psocoptera from which the following 3 species are described as new: Cerobasis maderensis n. sp. (female), Trichopsocus coloratus n. sp. (female and male), Trichops
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