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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Variation de la durée d' incubation en fonction de la date de ponte chez le puffin cendré Calonectris diomedeaMougin, J.-L.; Jouanin, Christian; Roux, Francis; Zino, Paul Alexander; Zino, Francis J. A.
1993Variation in the genitalia of the land snail Heterostoma paupercula (Lowe, 1831) (Helicidae) in MadeiraLace, Lesley A.
2013The vascular flora of Porto Santo: a catalogue of its islestsCarvalho, José Augusto; Fernandes, Francisco Manuel; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo
1972Vascular plant communities of MadeiraSjögren, Erik
1973Vascular plants new to the Azores and to individual islands in the ArchipelagoSjögren, Erik
1989Verbreitung, Lebensweise, Taxonomie und Historie der Dytisciden der Ilha da Madeira (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae)Balke, Michael; Hendrich, Lars
2001Vertical and horizontal distribution of sublittoral macrobenthic communities in the Arrábida / Espichel coast (Portugal)Boaventura, Diana; Ré, Pedro
1975The Warty Newt (Triturus cristatus) of the AzoresSvanberg, Ingvar
1991Water fauna of a madeiran stream with notes on the zoogeography of the Macaronesian IslandsStauder, Angelika
1990Web-Spinners Embioptera of the Archipelago of MadeiraLange, Christian
1969Weitere beiträge zur Flora der Insel MadeiraHansen, Alfred
1969Weitere beiträge zur Kenntnis der Scydmaenidenfauna der Atlantischen InselnFranz, H.
1984Wiederfund von Chrysomela fragariae Woll. 1854 auf MadeiraErber, Dieter
2019Wild bee-plant network of Madeira Island with a comparison to Porto Santo (Madeira Archipelago, Portugal)Kratochwil, Anselm; Schwabe, A; Smit, J.; Aguiar, A. M. Franquinho
2011Winter bird observations in the island of Porto Santo in January 2011Correia-Fagundes, Catarina; Romano, Hugo; Zino, Francis J. A.; Biscoito, Manuel
1964Zonitidae (Gastropoda) der AzorenRiedel, von Adolf