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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Observation de Dendroica petechia (Aves, Parulidae) a Selvagem Grande (30° 09 N, 15° 52 W)Rau, P. Defos du; Roux, Francis; Jouanin, Christian
2013Observation of a birth of a Sperm-whale Physeter macrocephalus at Madeira (NE Atlantic)Correia-Fagundes, Catarina; Romano, Hugo
1986Observations of birds in the Madeiran Archipelago, Summer 1981Swash, A. R. H.
1992Observations of terrestrial birds on Selvagem Grande, in september 1990Folmer, O.; Ortvad, T.
1992Observations on Chaetognatha collected to the SW of El Hierro (Canary Islands) (Project TFMCBM/91)Hernández, Fátima; Jiménez, Sebastián
1992Observations on the annual cycle (year 1990) of various groups of zooplankton of the SW of Tenerife (Canary Islands)Hernández, Fátima; Jiménez, Sebastián
1969Observations on the breeding of the greenfinch and the hoopoe in the archipelago of MadeiraZino, Paul Alexander
1985Observations on the chaetognaths collected at a station to the south of the island of El Hierro (Canary Islands)Hernández, Fátima
1997Observations sur huit especes comestibles de crustacés décapodes des eaux sénégalaises (Afrique l' Ouest)Clotilde-Ba, France-Lyse; Diatta, Youssouph; Capapé, Christian
1967Observations sur le comportement et les emissions acoustiques du cachalot lors de la chasseBusnel, René-Guy; Dziedzic, A.
1994Observations the simultaneous breeding of Tyto alba Scop. in neighbouring nest cavities. First data from the Canary IslandsSivério, Felipe
1960Odonata from the Azores and MadeiraGardner, A. E.
2002L' oeuf du pétrel de bulwer Bulweria bulwerii de Selvagem GrandeMougin, J.-L.; Mougin, M.-C.
2002L' oeuf du puffin cendré Calonectris diomedea de Selvagem GrandeMougin, J.-L.; Mougin, M.-C.
1988Les oiseaux des genres Passer et Estrilda dans l' Archipel du Cap VertNaurois, René de
1987Les oiseaux visiteurs des Îles SelvagensMougin, J.-L.; Roux, Francis; Zino, Paul Alexander; Jouanin, Christian; Stahl, J.-C.; Despin, B.
1964Oligochaeta des Açores (Part)Sciacchitano, Iginio
1975The Oligota (Col., Staphylinidae) of MadeiraWilliams, S. A.
1983An Olisthopus from the Azores, with a key to the Macaronesian speciesIsraelson, Gunnar
1984On a collection of Psocoptera from the AzoresGalil, Bella S.