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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1960The lamellicorn beetles of the Azores (Coleoptera), with some reflexions on the classification of certain aphodiiniLandin, Bengt-Olof
1967Land amphipods from the Azores and MadeiraDahl, Erik
1972Land nemertines of Madeira and the AzoresMoore, J.; Moore, N. M.
1970Langelandia - Arten von der Madeira - Gruppe und von den Kanaren (Coleoptera, Colydiidae)Franz, H.
1993The larva of Chrysolina fragariae (Wollaston, 1854)Erber, Dieter; Medvedev, Lev M.
1997Lepidoptera of the Azores IslandsVieira, Virgílio
1995The lepidoptera of the Macaronesian region. VI. Biogeographical aspects of macrolepidoptera in Northern Macaronesia (Madeira, Azores)Meyer, Marc
1968Lepidopteres (Geometridae) recueillis par E. W. Classey a Madere en Aout 1966Herbulot, C.
1966The «Leste» and MigrationClassey, E. W.
1995Life history of the loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta caretta (Reptilia: Cheloniidae), in the AtlanticBolten, A. B.; Bjorndal, K. A.; Martins, Helen R.
2001Lipid and fatty acid composition of some deep-sea fishes from the hydrothermal vent site Lucky StrikeLuís, Orlando J.; Behrschmidt, Catja; Narciso, Luís; Saldanha, Luiz
1980A list of botanical collectors, Madeira ArchipelagoHansen, Alfred
1987A list of plants observed during the fieldwork for a diploma-thesis on an analysis of the vegetation of the Madeiran laurel woodGuth, Christiane
2001List of publications of Luiz Saldanha from 1959 up to 2001Almeida, Armando J.
1974List of the aphids of Madeira Island (Homoptera, Aphidoidea)Ilharco, Fernando Albano
1954Lista de trabalhos sobre insectos do Arquipélago da MadeiraVieira, Rui Manuel da Silva
1948Lista fitológica do Porto SantoCosta, Padre José Gonçalves da
1946Lista fitológica do Porto SantoCosta, Padre José Gonçalves da
2008Listagem de hospedeiros e grau de infestaçao dos frutos por adultos de Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) na ilha Terceira (Açores)Nunes, L. V. L.; Costa, R. M.; Dantas, L.; Lopes, David J. H.
1995Littoral sponges from Selvagens IslandsLopes, M. T.