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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985An account on the stomatopod crustaceans of MadeiraBiscoito, Manuel
1996Asianidia Zachvatkin in Madeira (Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae): ecology and species problemsQuartau, J. Alberto
1988Bory de Saint-Vincent premier descripteur du "Clavaria lauri" maintenant nommé Laurobasidium lauri (Brotero: Fries) JülichPerreau, Jacqueline
1999Contribution to the knowledge on dinoflagellates (Dinophyceae) of the order Dinophysales in the Canary Islands watersRodríguez, Alicia Ojeda
1985An Echinodera Wollaston from the Salvage Islands (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)Israelson, Gunnar
1994The fifth endemic Stenus from Madeira: Stenus (Tesnus) ruivomontis spec. nov. (Coleoptera, Staphylindae)Assing, Volker; Wunderle, Paul
2001L' Ichtyandre (1901) d' Etienne Peau, un scaphandre autonome oublié de l' histoire de la plongéeArnaud, Patrick M.; Beurois, Jean M.
1991A Longitarsus from the Azores (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)Israelson, Gunnar
1986Madeira insects: Braconidae and Aphidiidae (Hymenoptera), with descriptions of 8 new speciesGraham, M. W. R. de V.
1993Medon vicentensis n. sp., a new species of eyeless rove beetle (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae) from a cave in the island of MadeiraSerrano, Artur R. M.
1988Neophilaenus angustipennis (Horváth, 1909) new to Madeira (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Cercopidae)Quartau, J. Alberto; André, G.
1998New and remarkable Curculionoidea from Macaronesia (Coleoptera)Osella, Giuseppe; Zuppa, Anna Maria
1997A new Tarphius (Coleoptera, Colydiidae) from Madeira IslandGillerfors, Gösta
1988On Eupteryx capreola Lindberg and E. filicum (Newman) (Homoptera: Cicadellidae, Typhlocybinae) from Madeira and the AzoresQuartau, J. Alberto; Fançony, A. I.
2004On the occurrence of Cestopagurus timidus (Roux, 1830) (Decapoda: Paguridae) in Madeira Island watersCalado, R.; Nogueira, N.
1982Ornithological bibliography of the AzoresGrand, Gérald W. le; Furtado, Duarte
1990Peragallia caboverdensis Lindberg, 1958 new to the Salvages (Homoptera, Auchenorryncha, Cicadellidae)Quartau, J. Alberto; André, G.
1996Psocopteres nouveaux ou peu connus de quelques îles atlantiques (Canaries, Madere, Açores, Ascension) et de l' Afrique du Nord (Insecta: Psocoptera)Lienhard, Charles
1986Rediscovery of Phanerotoma maculata (Wollaston) (Insecta, Braconidae) in the high-altitude zone of MadeiraGraham, M. W. R. de V.
1991A taxonomic revision of the Eastern Atlantic groupers (Pisces: Serranidae)Heemstra, P. C.