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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Contribution to the study of the bryoflora of the Ponta de Sao LourençoFontinha, Susana
1995Evaluation of the vascular flora of Madeira's extreme EastFontinha, Susana; Carvalho, José Augusto
1998First reference to the bryoflora of Porto Santo's IsletsFontinha, Susana; Sérgio, Cecília
2015Morphologic boundaries of Porella canariensis (Web.) Underw. (Porellaceae, Marchantiophyta) in Madeira (Portugal)Fontinha, Susana; Sim-Sim, Manuela; Sérgio, Cecília; Garcia, César
1995Morphology and histochemistry of trichomes of Teucrium abutiloides l' Herit. (Lamiaceae) an endemic species of MadeiraAntunes, T.; Sevinate-Pinto, I.; Barroso, J. G.; Figueiredo, A. C.; Pedro, L. G.; Fontinha, Susana; Scheffer, J. J. C.
1994Natural and semi-natural bryophyte flora of the coastal dry zones of Madeira IslandSérgio, Cecília; Fontinha, Susana
2003New data on the diversity of the Madeira Archipelago bryoflora. The Plagiochila (Dumort.) Dumort. genus (Liverwort) on the slope communities of LaurisilvaSim-Sim, Manuela; Carvalho, S.; Figueiredo, A. C.; Esquível, G.; Fontinha, Susana; Lobo, Carlos; Barroso, J. G.; Pedro, L. G.
2007Património natural do Porto Santo: uma riqueza a conservarFontinha, Susana
1998Pico Branco: a peculiar floristic site on Porto Santo IslandJardim, Roberto; Fontinha, Susana; Fernandes, Francisco Manuel
2020Plant data survey in Porto Santo (Madeira Archipelago, Portugal): an updateFontinha, Susana; Andrade, Sara; Carvalho, Miguel Ângelo A. Pinheiro de