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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977New cetacean records from MadeiraMaul, Günther Edmund; Sergeant, D. E.
1989A new species of Laemonema from the Northeastern Atlantic (Pisces: Moridae)Biscoito, Manuel; Maul, Günther Edmund
1969A new subspecies of Lampadena urophaos Paxton 1963 from the Atlantic OceanMaul, Günther Edmund
1951Nota sobre as duas espécies do género NeoscopelusMaul, Günther Edmund
1949Notas sobre dois peixes descritos no Boletim anteriorMaul, Günther Edmund
1946Um novo género e espécie dos MacropinídeosMaul, Günther Edmund
1965On a new genus and species of Paralepidid from MadeiraMaul, Günther Edmund
1971On a new goby of the genus Lesueurigobius from off the Atlantic coast of Morocco and Madeira (Percomorphi, Gobioidea, Gobiidae)Maul, Günther Edmund
1972On a new species of eel of the genus Gnathophis (Apodes, Congridae) from the Meteor SeamountMaul, Günther Edmund
1972On a new species of the genus Callionymus from the Great Meteor Seamount (Percomorphi, Callionymoidea, Callionymidae)Maul, Günther Edmund
1962On a small collection of ceratioid fishes from off Dakar and two recently acquired specimens from stomachs of Aphanopus carbo taken in Madeira (Melanocetidae, Himantolophidae, Diceratiidae, Oneirodidae, Ceratiidae)Maul, Günther Edmund
1959On a specimen of Bathylaco nigricans Good and Bean taken from the stomach of Aphanopus carboMaul, Günther Edmund
1969On the genus Cetomimus (Cetomimidae) with the description of a new speciesMaul, Günther Edmund
1986On the indentity of Heteroconger longissimus Günther 1870 and Heteroconger halis (Böhlke 1957) (Pisces: Congridae)Saldanha, Luiz; Maul, Günther Edmund; Biscoito, Manuel; Andrade, Francisco
1948Quatro peixes novos dos mares da MadeiraMaul, Günther Edmund
1962Report on the fishes taken in Madeiran and Canarian waters during the Summer-Autumn Cruises of the "Discovery II" 1959 and 1961. I. The Ceratioid Fishes (Melanocetidaee, Himantolophidae, Oneirodidae, Gigantactinidae, Linophrynidae)Maul, Günther Edmund
1971Report on the fishes taken in Madeiran and Canarian waters during the Summer-Autumn Cruises of the "Discovery II" 1959 and 1961. III. Order Iniomi I. On a toothless, sexually mature AnotopterusMaul, Günther Edmund
1964Scientific Expedition to the Salvage Islands, July 1963. I. IntroductionPickering, C. H. C.; Maul, Günther Edmund